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Polystyrene Removal & Replacement

Keeping your home safe 

why its important to remove polystyrene from your loft ?

polystyrene removal

Removing Polystyrene Insulation is Our first step in our Integrated attic-cleaning solution to keep you Safe.

Its highly recommended to remove Polystyrene insulation from the attic space as its a flammable Material.

Most common early signs are Polystyrene melting onto hot electrical cables if you see this report it immediately and get this removed as soon as possible. 

We do not recommend insulating on Top of Polystyrene as this will Escalate the chances of Fire, if a company has done so please report this to our office staff to assist you in what action to take. 

Once Polystyrene has been Successfully removed!

We will offer you Two loft insulation Quotes to allow you to make better Decisions on thickness required for your home comfort.

Submit your details and we will get in touch to arrange a free no obligation survey of your Home or just to answer your questions

Call our friendly customer service team today to find out more about insulating your home, ask a question or book a home survey.

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